The Ins and Outs of Florida Auto Insurance

What Do I Need to Know About Florida Auto Insurance?


Like most states, Florida has a variety of rules and regulations when it comes to auto insurance. Some are aimed toward the insurance company and others are aimed toward the drivers. For the purposes of this paper, we will look at the ins and outs of Florida auto insurance as it pertains to the driver. Below are some common questions and their follow up answers to help inform you if you are planning a move to Florida. If you are simply looking for a Florida Auto Insurance Quote you can visit and get one from every insurance company available.


Does Everyone In Florida Need Auto Insurance?


The short answer is yes. If you have a vehicle that has at least four wheels and is registered in the state of Florida, you will need to have auto insurance. This is Florida law and it needs to be followed.


Do I Have to Buy A Certain Amount or Can I Just Get Minimal Coverage?


     The state of Florida does have a minimum requirement when it comes to auto insurance. The registered driver needs to have a minimum coverage of $10,000 for both personal injury and property damage coverage. You will be able to find different deductibles for this coverage, but keep in mind, these too will also affect the premium you pay.


What If I Drive A Cab? Are There Requirements for Me Too?


      Yes. Even if the only car you drive in the state of Florida is a cab or taxi, you need to be covered. I fact, the amount of coverage required is even more than for a standard driver. You must carry $50,000 coverage for property damage insurance. IN terms of personal injury, you are required to have coverage of $125,000 per person and $250,000 per occurrence of an accident.


What If I Don’t Have Coverage?


     If you do not have coverage in the state of Florida, your driving priviledge may be suspended by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This will include your plates and registration of your vehicle. They can hold this suspension for up to 3 years or until you can provide the proper paperwork and proof that you have insurance and are in compliance with Florida law.


If I Am Moving To Florida and I Have Insurance in My Old State, Am I Okay?


     Actually, no. If you are moving into the state of Florida, you must still have the required amount of coverage, issued to you from an insurance company that is licensed to sell insurance in the state of Florida. Now keep in mind that most of your major companies are licensed in most states including Florida. This means that all you will really have to do if you belong to any of these companies is have your local agent transfer your existing policy to a Florida agent once you are ready to register in Florida.




     I hope this helps to clear up some of your questions in regards to Florida Auto Insurance. If you have further questions, you can always contact your auto insurance agent or the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Mendota Insurance Company: Providing Quality and Affordability

What Is Mendota Insurance Company?


Mendota Insurance Company is dedicated to serving its clients with infallible service and quality insurance. With competitive rates and superior service all around, this company is steadily etching its name as a highly reliable and trusted insurance provider. Our local insurance agents independently market our products, providing customers with unparalleled, individualized service. Among its many benefits, choosing Mendota affords you with rapid customer service and low hold times, as well as advanced technology for more expedient service, and fair claims processing. If you are simply looking to get a Mendota Insurance Quote you can visit our partner and get one today.


Why Is Insurance Important?


Insurance is important for a slew of different reasons. Mendota Insurance Company recognizes that people invest in costly properties and assets on a daily basis. And the loss of or damage to a particular piece of property can induce a downward spiral of financial ruin for the average family. Whenever you buy anything, there is a probability that it will be damaged or loss. While many of your assets may remain undamaged and well preserved in the majority of all circumstances, people lose and damage possessions every day, and at some point in time, this may happen to you as well. Insurance is the act of investing in your most cherished assets before you are hit with financial ruin. You will find that when you invest in insurance, you decrease financial losses down the road.


Why Us?


Do not be swayed by frugal competitors, who merely offer you affordable rates, and nothing more. The key to selecting a viable insurance provider is to prioritize both affordability and quality. Some frugal insurance providers offer reasonable rates, but inadequate coverage that fails to bail individuals out after accidents, and natural disasters. The key to selecting a great provider is ensuring that along with inexpensive rates, you are adequately covered in the event of an emergency. Not only will such a provider offer you affordable premiums, but you will save money down the line if your assets are ever damaged.


Why Work With An Agent?


There are many advantages to working with an independent agent, instead of an insurance agency alone. The first key advantage is that you receive up close, personal, individualized attention with someone who specializes in their field of insurance. This assures that all of your questions will be answered in the most personalized manner possible. An independent insurance agent can also sell you the product best suited to your needs. Sometimes, speaking to a human being beats finding a quote online. When you speak to such an agent, you will have the opportunity to interact with great expertise that steers you in the best direction possible, in terms of preserving your individual assets and properties.


Our staff happens to possess the traits and qualities that typify a reliable, highly trained insurance agent. Our agents possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, magnetic personalities, vast knowledge about insurance products, as well as emotional intelligence, listening skills and both honesty and technical knowledge. With such an adept and well trained staff, you can assure yourself that we will provide you with a policy that protects your valued assets and possessions.