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Will my Florida home insurance increase if I have a pool?

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying a swimming pool right in their backyard. However, those who do own a swimming pool fail to realize that their Florida home insurance may increase. When it comes to your insurance, you need to understand how owning a swimming pool can affect your rates.

To insurance companies, a swimming pool is definitely considered as a danger and a major liability. However, you can investigate and find out a few things you can do to reduce your risk and your monthly premium. How much your Florida home insurance according to increases depends on a certain number of factors. For instance, these factors include where you live and where the pool is located.

Your pool is definitely a nuisance to your insurance company. This is because it holds great risk to your property. For instance, having a swimming pool leads to an increase in trespassers on your property who want to use the pool without your knowledge. Unfortunately, if something like this were to happen, you would be held liable for this incident. Whenever you decide to put in a pool always disclose this to your insurance agent.

A premium increase on your Florida home insurance

You will more than likely pay more on your premium once you install a pool. However, the exact amount of the increase will depend on your insurer and how you build your pool. For the most part, insurers recommend that with a swimming pool that you increase your liability limits. Policies that include standard liability usually include $100,000 of liability protection. Most insurers recommend that you increase your limits to around $500,000. Luckily if you live in a warmer climate, like Florida, your premium increase could be minimal.

You should definitely be concerned when it comes to the liability risk that your pool presents. You can opt to increase your coverage. In addition, it’s very likely that your insurance company will require you to secure your pool with a fence with a latch, so it’s not easily accessible to young children. You may also be asked to install a secure pool. Any other safety measures an also lead to a lower premium too.

Luckily the best companies out there will cover your swimming pools and the liability associated with them. If you are thinking about installing a pool, be sure to contact an agent or purchase Florida home insurance here . Always understand that your premiums may increase a little, but being a pool owner means an increased liability. You must be prepared.